Ring, the audio video intercom that you love

Nowadays having everything at hand in any place is quite usual and in this case what we are going to see is a video intercom with audio that you will surely want to have. This is the Ring Video Doorbell, a bell that is not at all conventional and that will allow us to see, hear and speak with all those who press it regardless of where we are.

The good thing about this Ring video Doorbell, is that it allows us to monitor the entrance or access of our house from any place with the iPhone, iPad or device with internet connection. This is a really interesting gadget with which We can see and talk to everyone who touches it.

Last year the firm launched the second version of this Ring with several improvements to the camera and charging options with a microUSB connection. In this case we are talking about the first version of the model and with which Amazon adds this good offer the Ring is being commercialized for just 99 euros.

A beautiful watchman

The Ring adds infrared night vision to your camera, and a design that is resistant to all types of weather, so we can be calm in case it is dark outside or the water or sun touches you. It also has a good handful of options to choose from motion detection and in case of detecting movement this will be activated automatically by sending a notification to the owner. The installation is very simple and connects to our Wi-Fi network to broadcast the video and audio to the iPhone or iPad.

We are not facing a new product but the drop in price indicates the good time to get one of these Ring Video Doorbell. The problem here is that many users comment, and it is that it is so striking, beautiful and so easy to disassemble, that it could last very little hung on the wall of our house if a friend of the alien happens.

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