Russia investigate Apple for allegedly agreeing iPhone 6s prices

From time to time news arrives that do not make much sense in most countries. For example, in Spain when we want to buy an iPhone, we usually have several options: El Corte Inglés, an authorized reseller or the Apple Store itself. Wherever we go the price of the terminal will always be the same. Occasionally an offer appears on the internet that allows us to save money by buying some of the latest iPhone models but very sporadically. But in Russia they do not welcome that all resellers and Apple Stores offer the same price for the iPhone 6s.

The Cupertino-based company faces a Russian antitrust commission investigation alleging that Apple's pricing and the 16 resellers available in the country that sell the latest iPhone models, both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, at the same price. Apparently it has been a citizen of the country who has submitted the complaint to this commission and it is suggested that Apple would have reached an agreement with resellers distributed throughout the country to offer the same prices on these devices.

Apple, like most of the 16 resellers involved in this investigation, have not made any statements in this regard. Euroset, one of the most important Apple product resellers in Russia, has denied the accusations and has reached some kind of agreement with Apple to agree on the final price of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models. Apple's relations with Russia have never been good. In 2012, the MTS operator accused the Cupertino-based company of dictatorial when it could offer its devices to its customers. This complaint does not speak at any time of the price at which the devices offer the different telephone operators in the country.

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