SanDisk iXpand Base allows us to charge the iPhone while performing a backup

Until practically last year, in which until the launch of the iPhone 7 Apple continued to offer a ridiculous storage capacity in the most economical model, 16 GB, SanDisk devices have been one of the devices that allowed us to expand the space of our iPhone. But since the presentation of the iPhone 7, where the input model was 32 GB, SanDisk guys have had to think about renewing their catalog of products aimed at smartphones and iXpand Base is one of them, a base that allows us to quickly charge our iPhone while making a backup of our photographs and contacts.

All the information it is stored in the base, which is available in different capacities to cover all storage models offered by the company based in Cupertino, so it is not necessary to have to hire a storage service with SanDisk, a service that would not make sense since Apple offers us iCloud at more than reasonable prices since the last rate update.

iXpand Base offers us a 15W fast charging system to which we have to connect our iPhone through the Lightning cable. When the device begins to charge, through the SanDisk application, the base will begin to make a backup of the most important information of our device: photographs, videos and contacts.

If unfortunately our iPhone is lost or stolen, thanks to this base, we can restore both the contacts and all the images and videos that we have stored in the base without having to resort to iTunes at any time. The prices of iXpand Base are the following:

  • 32GB iXpand – $ 49.99
  • 64GB iXpand – $ 99.99
  • 128GB iXpand -129.99 dollars
  • 256GB iXpand -199.99 dollars

If the iPhone 8 of 512 GB is finally confirmed, the company will be forced to launch a new 512 GB model that allows to save all the information that this new model can store.

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