Sandisk iXpand makes a backup while your iPhone is charging

The custom of connecting your iPhone through the USB cable to the computer to make a backup with iTunes is something that almost everyone has already lost. The updates via OTA have made that gesture almost forgotten, and the rise of streaming music has ensured that iTunes has been deprecated. However, our iPhone is increasingly hosting more important data that should be backed up with a backup.

Apple is responsible for facilitating the task through storage in iCloud, but free 5GB are scarce in the vast majority of cases, especially if we use to save the photos on our device. This is where accessories like this Sandisk iXpand base make sense, by taking care of backing up all your photos, videos and contacts automatically while it is loaded on the same base. We have tried it and we tell you our impressions.


The base has a quite sober design, without elements that distract you from its elementary function. It has a metal base in which we find the microUSB connector and the slot for an SD card, and on the top a black rubber cover on which we can place, if we wish, our smartphone to rest while charging and backing up. On the front we find a slot through which to pass the USB cable to Lightning, which is not included in the box

That cable is wrapped around the base, being hidden under the plastic cover, and connected to the USB in the middle. This will be the cable that will serve both to charge the iPhone and to synchronize it with the app and make the backup on the SD card. This card is included in the box, and will depend on the capacity we have purchased. The reality is that you can buy the lowest capacity (32GB) and use another SD card of greater capacity without any problem, so this base is fully expandable, and that is appreciated.


There is not much to do to make the base work, just plug our iPhone into the Lightning cable that we have wrapped around and ready. The Sandisk iXpand Base application that we can find in iTunes will take care of the rest. When you open the application with the phone connected to the base it will automatically start to back up all our photos, videos and contacts on the SD card that you have inserted into the base.

SanDisk iXpand ™ Base

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The application in addition to allowing you to configure what data should be copied to the card offers you information about the remaining space on your iPhone and on the SD card itself. The initial copy process is slow, depending on the amount of stored data you have to copy, but once this first backup is made, the rest of the copies are much faster. The best of all is to let everything be done at night, while the phone is charging, and so you forget everything.

All your files are perfectly accessible from the SD card with any computer, and are perfectly arranged in folders, organized by date. It is a very convenient way to have your photographic and video library organized, as well as being an excellent backup in case something happens, without worrying about having to use external programs, just plug the iPhone into your iXpand base. You can even free up space on your iPhone once the backup is done, with the option that the application gives you of “Free up space” which deletes all those elements already synchronized. The app also gives you the option to restore the content on your iPhone.

Editor's Opinion

€ 65

Sandisk iXpand Base offers you the possibility of performing an automatic backup rune while your iPhone recharges. The comfort it offers as well as the organization of all files by folders sorted by date, and the possibility of restoring the content from the application itself are its main strengths. The possibility of expanding storage capacity using an SD card is a huge advantage, although a somewhat strange option by offering the brand itself bases of greater capacity at a higher price. With a price of € 65 on Amazon it is a very interesting accessory for those who do not want to have to worry about making manual backups, nor want to have to pay for more storage in iCloud.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Intuitive and simple application
  • Files perfectly sorted by date
  • Possibility of restoring data from the application itself
  • Possibility of extension with any SD


  • Lightning cable not included

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