Save space on your iPhone and iPad thanks to iOS 11

Apple's new operating system is just around the corner, and for those who have devices with a more limited storage capacity is great news, because iOS 11 brings several tools and configuration options that will allow you to save space on your device and squeeze your storage space a little more.

Tools to see what you are spending your free space on, options that will automatically eliminate unused applications, new video and photo formats, new cloud storage options … there are many tools that Apple puts at our disposal to save space and we tell you so you can use them from the first day that iOS 11 is available.

Remove apps you don't use

How many applications do you have on your iPhone or iPad? And how many do you really use? Surely you have installed apps that you have not used for months, and some of them can occupy more than 1GB, a beautiful space that could be useful for other more useful tasks. iOS 11 will make it easier for you to get rid of those applications because when you run out of space it will determine which applications are expendable and uninstall them from your device to give you a few extra megabytes. You should not worry because the data will not be deleted, so if you need it again you will only have to download it from the App Store and it will have all its content as it was before it was deleted. You have this option in Settings> General> iPhone Storage or in Settings> iTunes Store and App Store.

Recommendations to free up space

iOS 11 will also make suggestions for you to use the available tools that help you free up space on your device, in most cases using iCloud storage. In Settings> iPhone Storage you will find a graph in which you can see what the space of your device is occupying, and just below a series of recommendations that will increase the free space. Activate the iCloud Photo Library, empty the Deleted Photos folder, review the large files you have inside iMessage or use Messages in iCloud These are the recommendations that usually appear, in addition to telling you which applications take up more space on your iPhone in case you are interested in removing any.

New video and photo formats

Now the photos you capture with your iPhone will not be saved in JPEG format but in the new HEIF. Do not panic because it is not any new way exclusive to Apple to save the photos, but a new standard that improves JPEG and will soon become as widespread as this. Not only does it offer better quality photographs but they will also take up less space. You can say that at equal quality the photos will occupy half that in JPEG version, which is a breakthrough. Something similar happens with videos, which will now be saved in HEVC format, ideal for videos recorded in 4K quality. They occupy 40% less, so you should no longer be afraid to activate the 4K option of the iPhone camera.

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