Screenshots of the new iTunes 12.4 are filtered

Days ago we talked about the renewal of Apple Music, the Apple development team knows that the user interface of all versions of Apple Music, whether on iTunes or iOS, is not as good as it should. However, the numbers accompany, as it continues to grow and has positioned itself as the second most popular streaming music service. However today screenshots of what would be the new Apple Music for iTunes have been leaked, showing only a few of its novelties, but that certify that Apple will definitely renew the interface.

Eddy Cue promised he would make Apple Music easier to use, and is working hard on it. We assume that this renewal will come from the hand of macOS X 10.11.4 as well as the arrival of iOS 10 that will be accompanied by iTunes 12.4. Now, a source has filtered to MacRumors a few screenshots that let us glimpse how Apple Music will work in the new version of iTunes that we will see in June. Unfortunately, not even a capture of the Apple Music update for iOS has been leaked, so we will have to keep waiting, and remember that next month WWDC 16 takes place, which will definitely be where all the news of iOS 10 is presented.

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<p>How well you know, in iTunes we can select the sources, be it Music, Movies, Podcast … now we can edit that menu bar to get rid of those sources that we don't use so often. <strong>We also found that the release and lists section has ceased to be an Apple Music tab</strong> to integrate into Apple Music, staying fixed in the left sidebar, which will undoubtedly shorten the browsing times for Apple Music to free the general system from another tab.</p>
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