Seven essential tricks for the Apple Watch

The new Apple Watch causes a sensation, and demonstrates how difficult it is to get any model both in the Apple Store online and in physical stores. Bigger screen, faster and new features that excite users even more than the new iPhone.

But do you know how to get the most out of Apple's smartwatch? Because there are functions that many do not know and that allow you to easily access applications or perform tasks more quickly and easily. We show you the best tricks to use your Apple Watch, new or old, taking advantage of its potential.

Some of the functions that we show in the video were already present in previous versions of WatchOS, others are novelties of watchOS 5, some are suitable for all Apple watch models and others are only for Series 3 and 4. Anyway, These are functions that you should know to use them or to consider that you should already renew your Apple Watch.

The functions that are explained in the video are the following:

  • Reorganize the Control Center: watchOS 5 allows you to rearrange the Control Center buttons to first place the ones you use most and thus have them more accessible.
  • Direct access to background applications: Applications that run in the background such as the music player or the Activity application can be opened quickly by clicking on a small icon that appears on the screen.
  • Close apps: Apple Watch apps do not close, but if we want we can force them to close due to blockages or abnormal operation.
  • Dock: configurable so that the favorite applications that you select or the last ones that you have opened appear, it is a function that gives you quick access to those apps that you should know.
  • Rearrange apps: You can organize application icons from your Apple Watch or from your iPhone application.
  • Emergency call: The Apple Watch offers you the possibility to make a call to emergency services when you need it.
  • Summon Siri: by default you can make simply turning the wrist you can give orders to Siri without having to say "Hey Siri"

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