Share the Wi-Fi password in an instant, new feature in iOS 11

More and more we are discovering iOS functionalities That make our lives easier. One of them is the new QR reader that integrates completely into the camera, thus focusing on the code that exists in most routers on the market will automatically connect us to the Wi-Fi we want. But Apple has decided to make it even easier for us.

What happens if you are sitting on the couch with your friends and they ask for the Wi-Fi password? Well, you're never going to have to spell it again, what annoying way. Apple has planned in iOS 11 a system that will allow us to share the Wi-Fi password with our friends automatically, learn how it is shared with us.

The mechanism is simple, like everything Apple thinks for us. When we have a password for an SSID in question stored, or we are connected to that network, we simply have to tell the user in question to connect to the same network. When it tries to connect and is in the step of entering the password, we will skip a warning on the screen that will ask us to share the password with our partner

It is easy, we simply have to authorize it and this user will see how without knowing the exact password the field will be filled in automatically and connected. We do not know exactly what the requirement is, we imagine that at least we must have it within our calendar synchronized with iCloud so that iOS can detect it as a partner. Although it may simply work as AirDrop, with all users regardless of whether they are our contacts or not (as long as we have it configured). Whatever it is It's a real relief now that Wi-Fi passwords tend to be so complicated, you can share it in a second.

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