Shazam adds a new offline mode in its latest update

For more than a week, Shazam has become part of the companies that Apple has been buying throughout the year, a purchase that has cost about 400 million dollars and that for now leaves in the air if the song recognition company will remain an independent platform or if it will cease to be integrated into iOS, stop offering its service on Android.

As usual, Apple has not revealed the future plans it has with Shazam, but for now, developers continue to release updates following the roadmap that they would have preset before buying Apple, as is the case of the last update that adds offline mode.

As we can read in the notes of the update number 11.6.0 of Shazam, we can already use the application even if we do not have an Internet connection, since the next time a song plays, we will have the possibility to press the large blue button and as soon as we have an Internet connection again, lThe application will show us the name of the song along with all the data such as the cover, the lyrics, in which music service is available …

Shazam is a free service that allows us to recognize the songs that sound around us in exchange for showing us publicity, an advertisement that is not very annoying. But if we use it practically every day, we probably don't want to see the advertising it shows us. To avoid this, Shazam offers us an integrated purchase of 3.49 euros.

Shazam is one of the few applications that has one of the highest scores in the App Store, with a average score of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars with almost 100,000 ratings, something that very few applications or games can boast.


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