Smaller notch for next year's iPhone

Still waiting for many of us to have the new iPhone of 2018 in our hands. Y iPhone models for next year are taking shape Thanks to the rumors.

This year there have been no developments in design. The iPhone XS is practically the same as the iPhone X, and the iPhone XS Max and XR keep the design in different proportions.

But for next year, Ben Geskin states that iPhone will be 50% less size than notch. The notch it would have the same height, but it would occupy less of the upper edge of the iPhone screen. Screen that would maintain the current size on all models.

The truth is that the notch has come to stay, and the question is not whether or not Apple will keep the notch in future versions. Definitely, it will be. In fact, many call it the new button home circular. A quick and elegant way to make people see that what they have in front of them is an iPhone and not a competitive phone. The notch, despite the fact that its presence has been extended in Android phones, it allows, thanks to its unique and uniform form on all iPhone models, to state with certainty that it is an iPhone just by looking at it.

In this sense it is pure brand image and allows the iPhone to differentiate itself. The question is whether this brand image and its notch Differentiator will be maintained if reduced. Remember that the button home It practically did not change in ten years, although Apple even removed the button mechanism.

Of course, many will appreciate the possibility of more space to display information on the sides of the notch such as the battery percentage (or the operator). In my opinion, the current space is sufficient, but as the information shown in the sense of not being able to customize it is limited, more space may benefit the majority.

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