So beautiful could the iPhone 7s be according to this filtered demo

We are in the height of rumors, what a remedy, and that is only about a month left so we can see the official version of the three new phones that Apple is going to launch, the models evolve iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, as well as the special iPhone that will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the most popular smartphone of all time.

Yesterday two leaked dummies, the phones that Apple uses as a test bench to verify that everything is on track and detect early failures. This is how we have what could be the first glimpse of how the iPhone 7s would be and the reality is that it is literally beautiful. Finally, Apple recreates a device that looks like quality.

In the photos of the filtered iPhone 7s Plus we can see how it is completely the same as the iPhone 7 Plus with qualifications that make it really beautiful. To start inherit a 2.5D glass rear Like his little brother the iPhone 4, this gives the phone a pretty spectacular design that leaves no one indifferent. For the rest, we are in the same lines as the iPhone 7, forgetting the rear lines, with this glass plate we will not need plastic seals for coverage.

The bezels will be another important detail, we can see a material that could be polished aluminum, one more nod to the previous Apple models. But we must note that we are not facing the model that Apple will launch to commemorate the tenth anniversary. The reality is that if this model is confirmed filtered by Sonny dickson Most likely, it will become a true sales success, even though we have not been able to see the front, although we assume it will be identical to the iPhone 7 … Would you buy it? I do.

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