SoundMAGIC E10BT, a Bluetooth headset with price content

Gradually, headphones with Bluetooth connectivity are taking over the current market and more and more users are launching through this type of headphones to listen to music with their smartphones. In addition to the new iPhone 7 and 7Plus, there are several manufacturers that are opting to set aside the old 3.5mm jack of the headphones, but more than for this absence of this connector on the devices – on the iPhone we can use the Lightning connector to connect the headphones – what really pushes users to buy this type of wireless headphones is precisely this, which They do not have cables that have to be connected to the smartphone being really comfortable for daily use.

Today we have a wide range of possibilities in addition to Apple's own AirPods that offer us the comfort of not having cables in between, ease of connection and that are really without cables of any kind, but also have their small drawbacks … Not today We want to talk about the AirPods that we all know more than enough, we want to see some of the alternatives that exist in the market and that in some cases have been available for a long time, so they are really interesting products that compete face to face with The most current. On this occasion we were able to try the SoundMAGIC E10BT in-ear headphones.

SoundMagic is an Asian firm with a long history in the world of Headset and in this case the model we have tested during these days offer us the quality that the SoundMAGIC E10 treasures – awarded several times for being quality headphones with a price less than 50 euros- with the addition of Bluetooth technology, which provide that necessary update in a market that marks this trend of eliminating cables to devices. The SoundMAGIC E10BT have Bluetooth 4.2 technology, so you do not have to fear a high battery consumption, which we already take to comment that It is 200 mAh capacity and according to the manufacturer is able to play music for 10 – 12 hours in a row, 8 hours of conversation and about 200 hours in standby. On the iPhone we have available the battery information that we have left in the widget.

Finishes and operation

These SoundMAGIC have sweat, splash and dust resistance, So they are interesting for those users who usually do sports. Besides, his weight of just 20g It makes us not realize that we are wearing them. The construction material used is metal and this makes them more resistant to possible accidental shocks and the large amount of rubber to adapt to our ears is really interesting. Of these tires, we also highlight the smooth ones, which have a design with stretch marks that really allow excellent support.

The operation is really simple and has a control with buttons to increase or decrease the volume of the audio in addition to allowing us to pass the song by pressing and the option to pick up the calls when we have the headphones synchronized with our iPhone. The LED that they incorporate in the controls helps us with the synchronization in our devices, whether it is an iPhone or not, we simply have to turn them on, we put them on and look for our device's Bluetooth (E10) once found we connect and a voice will tell us that They are already paired.

The headphone battery is separate from the controls and it is in my opinion quite large taking as a reference the rest of the set (see images in gallery) but this size also makes the autonomy really good in the headphones, in addition to adding a tab with which we can hold the battery in the neck of the shirt – back) something necessary for us to drop the headphones.

We can say that the audio of these SoundMAGIC E10BT is fair but powerful, they are comfortable to use during our sports day and easy to synchronize with our device from the Bluetooth settings. Also included in them is a small zippered case with which we can transport them to any place without being afraid of losing the headphones, the USB to microUSB charging cable or any of the 20 rubbers that are added To adapt to our ears. Definitely An interesting purchase for those who don't want to spend too much money on a Bluetooth headset while enjoying good audio, high quality finishes and a design worked exclusively for audio. Obviously not everyone likes in-ear headphones, there are even users who say they have discomfort when they have been using them for a while, but ultimately for those who do use this type of headphones, SoundMAGIC can be an option to consider , as long as you are not a super demanding person with audio quality.

Editor's Opinion

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€ 54.99

Pros and cons


  • Size and reduced weight
  • Good autonomy
  • Price


  • Rubber connection cable better if flat
  • Battery size

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