Spektral, another company bought by Apple

The acquisitions of companies by Apple do not stop and in this case it's up to a Spektral call, which focuses on image processing. In this case, what stands out most about this company based in Denmark, is that it allows you to superimpose funds on the images and videos allowing you to improve the camera's functions and this is something that Apple is interested in.

The important is keep moving forward with new technologies and sometimes those of Cupertino prefer to buy a company than to investigate the evolution of this function, this is what billions of dollars have to have. We are also sure that Spektral has made a good deal with Apple and without knowing specific details of the purchase operation, surely the entire engineering staff becomes part of Apple.

Processing images in real time is the main virtue

The truth is that "nobody" knew this company until Apple has crossed its path. In this regard, it should be noted that the cameras of Apple devices and other companies that manufacture smartphones with good cameras, They do an excellent job in terms of image processing, since the hardware is improved but there is not much room due to the small size of the lenses and other hardware components.

In this case, the use that Apple could make of this technology that allows the processing of images and video is unknown. in real time to separate people and objects from the background, eliminate unwanted elements or place others, something that we will surely see within a time implemented in the iPhone camera although we will not realize it.

Apple does not advance details of any kind and speculate with the possibilities offered by the Spektral software It is the less risky, what is certain is that the purchase is made for some reason and Apple will have its own to perform this operation. What is certain is that the camera of the new iPhone and the following continues to receive improvements, especially at the software level.

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