Spigen pays tribute to Apple classics with these new covers

For some weeks now the well-known brand of covers for mobile devices, Spigen, has been launching images on social networks with some new cases reminiscent of Apple's most iconic products: the iMac G3 and the original iPhone. Without being able to acquire them on their website and without more information available until today, we finally know where we can acquire them.

These are limited edition protective covers that Only available for iPhone X and as we said before, they are a clear reminder of the iconic original iMac that Apple launched 20 years ago, being available in several colors, as was the case with the groundbreaking personal computer that Apple launched in 1998. Do you want to get them? Then come in and we'll tell you how.

The covers are available in 6 colors that you can see in the images that accompany the article. All of them consist of three parts: an inner cover of softer material that protects the iPhone and that is silver in color, and two rigid outer covers that are the ones that give consistency to the whole. The outer cover is translucent showing details of the internal that simulate the old iMac, a detail that makes the whole a must-buy for the most nostalgic of Apple.

For me, the case that really falls in love is the one that reminds us of the original iPhone. That metallic model with those curved edges is a real gem that you can now imitate with your splendid iPhone X thanks to the Classic One case that Spigen has launched alongside the Classic C1.

Those who want to purchase the covers must do so through Indiegogo, since Spigen has limited its purchase to the crowdfunding campaign on this platform. Its price is very attractive, and although at the time of writing this article the cheapest option (only $ 18) is already sold out, you can buy a Classic C1 case in the color you prefer with a Classic One for only $ 35 with shipping worldwide already included. For more information you can access the campaign by clicking on this link. Shipments will be in June.

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