stand and charger for your headphones

Removing cables from our devices comes at a price: you have to charge them. The headphones are a clear example of this, and depending on the autonomy the process of charging them can be quite tedious. How about a charging dock where you can leave them when you do not use them and at the same time the battery is being recharged? This thing that exists for a long time for our smartphones is something that currently does not prevail with the headphones, but Twelve South has dared to solve it with its Fermata support, which in addition to serving to place your headphones while you do not use them allows you to recharge them, and not only that, but it also has another USB output to connect another device, and even a small support for smaller headphones.

Like any Twelve South product, the Fermata stand has a design and top quality materials. The aluminum base is large and heavy enough to easily withstand headphones of any size, and although it is not adjustable in height you should not have any problem with any model. The aluminum mast also ends in a piece of padded leather where the headband of the headphones can be placed. The set is impeccable, and the matte black color looks great on any desk. If you want it more to match your aluminum iMac or MacBook you can opt for the silver option, also available.

The surprise of this support is in the back. Perfectly concealed in the mast we find a rubber cable that we can take out and that has a reversible microUSB connector. Yes, you will not have to guess (and fail) the correct position to connect the cable to your headphones, pOrque Twelve South has done what has not occurred to others in years, a reversible microUSB connector that is a delight for those of us who hate this awkward connector. When you don't use it, hide it again on the mast until the next time you need it. The cable is covered with a very flexible rubber that allows you to move it enough to connect it to any headset, wherever the charging connector is. In addition you can even use the small support (it can be removed) to place a cable headset and even charge them.

The base includes one more surprise: one USB connector to plug another charging cable for your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. You can take advantage of Fermata support to charge two devices at the same time, pure efficiency. Perhaps at the base is the only negative point of this support, since the materials used are rubber and do not seem to be very consistent with the rest, in addition to easily accumulate dirt. Of course, it is completely non-slip.

We are definitely facing an ideal support for your bluetooth headphones that allows you to charge them while you do not use them, and that you can also use it as a charger for another device, ideal for other accessories of the brand such as the HiRise base for iPhone. An ideal Christmas gift you can find on the Twelve South page for a price of $ 79.99. Hopefully it will not take long to get to other online stores like Amazon.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ $ 79.99

Pros and cons


  • Materials and quality finish
  • Heavy and non-slip base
  • Reversible microUSB charger
  • USB socket to charge another device
  • Hitch for small cable headphones
  • It allows you to wind cables at the base
  • Easy assembly


  • Rubber base surface that accumulates dirt

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