Steel HR Sports, as the new Withings hybrid smartwatch is called

If we want to get the most out of a smartwatch connected to our iPhone, the best option currently available in the market is the Apple Watch. If it is not our case, and we only want a smartwatch to receive notifications or to quantify our daily activity, In the market we have different options.

Withings, has returned to the market with a new offering of hybrid smartwatches, after one of the company's co-founders, compare the brand to Nokia who had been sold two years before for 192 million dollars.

The Finnish company wanted to get into the market for health devices but all it did at that time was rename the range of existing products without launching any new device. In 2018, the company considered that it had been a mistake to buy Withings and announced that it was trying to reach an agreement with its co-founder, Eric Carrel, who promised to launch a new range of products throughout this year. The first device is the Steel HR Sport.

The Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch, that is, analog with a small monochrome LCD screen round where the relevant information is displayed at that time, including notifications. With a range of 25 days, heart rate monitor, GPS and submersible up to 50 meters becomes an excellent option for sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to the Health Mate application, we can have all the information collected by the smartwatch during our day to day on our device to analyze it in a more comfortable and faster way. Automatically detects what sport we are doing at each moment in addition to Track our activity while we sleep.

The Steel HR Sport is priced at 199 euros, a price more than adjusted for all the functions it offers us, as long as we like traditional watches obviously. It is available with the dial in black or white and offers 4 straps: 2 leather in black and brown colors and 2 silicone in black and red colors, similar to the Nike Sport of the Apple Watch.

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