Swarm is updated becoming our diary of places we visited

Before there were all those applications of ephemeral stories like Instagram or Snapchat, the social world did not have an app par excellence, referring to those applications that everyone uses at the same time. There were endless applications, and without a doubt one of the ones that hooked us the most was Foursquare, our particular places checkin. And that is to bite with your friends to see who managed to become the mayor from the university, or go reviewing the places we visited liked and much.

Foursquare was followed by Swarm, an app of the company that focused on those checkins to give greater prominence to the places, or locations, itself through the Foursquare app. An app that although it still has its followers has seen its audience go down considerably. Now the boys of Foursquare want to give Swarm a spin, will continue to have that social spirit but now it focuses on us, on being our personal diary of the places we visited …

And moves away from the fashion of ephemeral content, in Swarm now the spirit is in serve to remember all those places we have been through. And is that who has not tried to remember, without success, that restaurant where he had dinner 5 months ago, the objective of Swarm is that, to help us remember all the details of a location that we have visited or that for some reason you want to remember.

We will continue to have the social part of the city ​​hallsand your friends can keep gossiping, if you want, the places you visit. An interesting gesture by Foursquare that recovers the spirit of the app. What's more, others like Tripadvisor or Google Maps have copied this from saving sites through which we have passed, that is, we all like to take into account the places we have visited in the past.

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