Tado presents its new Intelligent Climate Assistant

tadoº has taken advantage of the IFA 2017 fair to show us your new software for the Intelligent Climate Assistant that will integrate your Smart Thermostatic Heads and your Smart Thermostat with HomeKit and that also acquires new functions that will allow better energy management and greater savings by users.

This new software not only includes new functions that will improve the efficiency of your heating system but also allow you to access energy expenditure reports and it is also compatible with the main platforms such as HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The details about the new functions added are given below.

The new software allows tado ° to become the personal assistant for home air conditioning thanks to new features that allow users to enjoy an always warm home:

  • Open Window Detector: Recognizes sudden changes in temperature or humidity when a window is opened, automatically turning off the heating so as not to waste energy.
  • Geolocation: This renowned function remains a fundamental pillar of tado °, lowering the temperature when the last person leaves home and activating it when one of the residents is returning. In addition, the user can now manually adjust the geolocation radius when tado ° goes into the Home mode.
  • Repair Service Button: You can receive immediate assistance from a technician in the area where you live when a problem with the heating system is detected. With a few clicks on the application, you can request the repair of your heating, receive a quote for a new system or reserve a maintenance service. This service will be available only in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the fall of 2017.
  • Meteorological Adaptation: tado ° adapts the heating according to the weather forecasts, reducing the temperature when the sun rises, to avoid overheating, which improves efficiency and comfort.

The new Energy Saving report, which shows monthly how much energy has been saved. For example, "Last month you saved 29% percent on the heating bill." It also goes into more detail by visualizing the activities of the Climate Assistant, showing the accumulated absent time in the geolocation, the impact of the meteorological adaptation and how many times the open windows have been detected.

This software update and HomeKit compatibility unfortunately will not reach tadoº Intelligent Air Conditioning, the control for Air Conditioners that we analyzed in this article, and that as we have already commented in our review, could not be compatible with HomeKit due to hardware problems.

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