TAG Heuer presents the second generation of its smartwatch

Shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch, some of the top leaders of the major Swiss watchmaking brands expressed their discomfort, stating that this new device could put in check the sales of their companies' devices, especially with the Apple Watch Edition, a device that started from $ 10,000 and a few months later the Cupertino-based company withdrew from the market without making noise. The CEO of Swatch and TAG Heuer were some of them, but unlike the CEO of Swatch, TAG Heuer saw a market opportunity and set to work on his own smartwatch by allying with Intel and Google to launch his first smartwatch, a device that sold more than 56,000 units and whose price was 1,350 euros.

The Swiss company did not expect such sales success and has been encouraged to launch the second generation of the TAG Heuer, a second generation that stands out for the modules that allow us to personify our device offering up to 500 different options. The second generation baptized with the name TAG Heuer Connected Modular It allows us to use different straps, buckles, watchfaces and boxes, the most striking part of the device.

On this occasion, The Swiss firm has again relied on Intel to use an Intel Atom Z34XX processor, with 4 GB of RAM, NFC chip, GPS and a 1.39-inch screen. Like the previous model TAG Heuer will make use of Android Wear 2.0, version to which its predecessor will also be updated. The glass that protects the AMOLED screen of the device is sapphire with a thickness of 2.5 mm. Regarding the price, the company has not yet offered information about it, but presumably it will have a price similar to the first generation model, so if we have money left over and we like brand watches, we will have to spend around 1,400 or 1,500 euros, accessories aside.

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