The Apple Lexus seen again through the streets and with a new LIDAR system

You don't have to look too hard to see that the new sensors that mount the Lexus SUVs on the roof are different from the previous models seen in images and videos. In this case the LIDAR system is much more spectacular and it is different from what they used in the initial tests on these vehicles.

The LIDAR explained in a simple and fast way for those who do not know, is the set of sensors and cameras They constantly receive / send data and help the computer to use the autonomous driving of a vehicle.

This is a video that has leaked on the network you can watch one of these Lexus models used by Apple with the new LIDAR system. The detail of the car itself is also important and we are seeing the new 2017 models of these Lexus:

It can be clearly seen that two people are sitting in the front of the vehicle and one of them is on the driver's side with his hand on the steering wheel, So we can confirm that these are completely legal tests with a minimum of two people in each vehicle. It is logical to think that Apple has been investigating this technology for a long time but the Cupertino boys would be one step behind the competition and also do not seem to be in a hurry in this Titan project that Apple's own CEO confirmed its existence.

It has also been ruled out by the time that Apple fully enters the automotive industry, but it works on software that any car can install. Apple does not want to launch an initial software such as Apple Maps with numerous failures, and therefore has to take full care of the details of the project so we are sure that it will not be something that arrives immediately but it seems obvious that it will end up arriving.

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