The Apple Watch mat the first Samsung quantifying bracelet before existing

The smartwatches market to a large extent, and that of the quantifying bracelets too, are showing that despite the expectations of the experts were very high, everything that glitters is not gold, and make a dent in this new category of products It is being very complicated, at least for all but one. The Apple Watch is at ease with millions of sales figures despite being one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market, and despite being exclusive to a platform like iOS, much less widespread than Android. But the reign of the Apple Watch began before we even knew it, and without even existing it hurt one of Samsung's big bets, the Simband.

The first rumors about Apple's intention to launch a smart watch began in 2011. At that time Samsung executives set out to launch a device that competed directly with this Apple smartwatch, although they still didn't know anything about that new products The premises were clear: it had to be better and launched before. The problem is that at that time there were only rumors, and we already know what happens with the new Apple releases: the hype exceeds the product itself. The Apple Watch was going to have a fundamentally medical character, with sensors of all kinds, some impossible to achieve with existing technology, but it didn't matter because it had to be done better and faster.

This is how we arrived in May 2014, and Samsung introduced us to its Simband. Samsung's team of engineers worked against the clock to show a simple working prototype before Apple could present the Apple Watch in its WWDC 2014, something that did not happen, because until the September Keynote the clock would not be seen Manzana. The presentation was quite poor, and based more on futuristic and Chinese tales than on facts already achieved. After the presentation of Apple, a couple of months later, Samsung showed its Simband again, and it would be the last time we saw it.

According to sources within Samsung, the Simband project continues with a very promising future, but it is curious that almost three years later we have not heard from him again. A project that was born without its own goal, but simply that of being better and faster than the neighbor, and whose haste and lack of long-term vision ended up killing him before he was even born. It was the first victim of the Apple Watch without even existing. You can read the full story in this link.

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