The applications that can never be missing on my iPhone

As you well know, iPhone News editors often like to take a good tour of the iOS App Store with the intention of finding the news that this offers for our devices, however, we rarely come back to comment if we are happy or Not with their performance. Therefore, I will do today A small collection of what are the applications that can never be missing on my iPhone, so that you discover new possible applications that you do not know, and so that you tell us which are your favorites.

I will select those that may seem indispensable to me, not only for me, but for any type of user, that way, we will also justify why choose this application and not another. So, let's go there:

Newton – A good email manager

Those who have followed us for a long time will know Newton's story well. This application is the heiress of a great email manager like CloudMagic. The main feature of this, was that stored emails in the cloud and implemented a series of features that we could hardly find in other email managers for free.

Over time, CloudMagic was renamed Newton, and came hand in hand with some fees and subscriptions for its use. But nevertheless, The number of functions you have, makes it difficult to opt for other alternatives.

The application is no longer available in the App Store

Newton connects instantly with your Gmail server, so it will offer you instant push notifications, in addition, it has integration in most cloud services, an HTML signature editor and much more.

On the other hand, application performance has dropped significantly in recent dates, but if we consider that it is fully functional and multiplatform, there are more pros than cons that we can find in its development.

Tweetbot – The best alternative Twitter client

Twitter is one of our main social networks, there you can find our latest news at a glance, as well as contact the editors to answer your questions. For all this, the official Twitter client was quite insufficient for a more professionalized management of our account. As a result of this discontent, Tweetbot was born, a highly developed Twitter client that offers filtering, notification management and multi-account management capabilities that we will hardly find in another application.

However, Tweetbot is not an application, nor cheap, nor for any user. If you use Twitter to inform you or to spend some time entertaining, it will not be worth it at all. However, if you have on Twitter your main provider of information in all areas, if you might be interested.

Actually, The official Twitter application for these needs has greatly improved In recent months, inheriting many of the features present here, we could even find in the official client some that the developer of Tweetbot has not been able to include, such as surveys.

Citymapper – so you don't get lost, never

The growth of cities and the boom in the use of public transport in order to improve the environment, has contributed to the exponential growth of this type of applications responsible for sending us as quickly as possible. Citymapper is an application with a fairly basic user interface, you just have to tell where you want to go, and have the location enabled, so that it presents you with a series of alternative routes, as well as the estimated time it will take to arrive. CItymapper goes far beyond a public transport application without further ado, it also has integration in the main contracting routes for individual transport, such as taxis.

Obviously, this application is much more interesting in the main cities, for example, in Madrid and Barcelona it is correctly synchronized with real public transport traffic, the Metro schedules and of course, the RENFE commuter train. One point in its favor is that the application is completely free and is constantly updated.

TripAdvisor – Don't get a cat for a hare

You are away from home and you feel like eating in a good place. Or you simply prefer to discover new flavors. Open TripAdvisor, and thanks to its immense community of private critics you will know what you are going to find before even entering a room. It is your perfect travel companion. Feedback from the criticisms that any type of user can reason, so you will find ideologies and opinions of all tastes. That is without a doubt what makes TripAdvisor a good alternative.

Be that as it may, a democratized scoring system It will help you to know the characteristics of the restaurant you are going to, or if it really is worth that monument you hear so much about.

Tell us in the comment box what your applications are essential and why you recommend them, in Actualidad iPhone we want to know your opinion.

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