The Athenry data center in Ireland is delayed again

And this is the umpteenth time this data center is delayed that Apple has to build in Athenry, Ireland. Everything seems to indicate that this year will not be the one to start some works that have been delayed since last year 2015 when it was learned that Apple wanted to start with this new center in the city.

There have been several reasons why Apple has failed to start this project, but the main one is undoubtedly the pressure that the civilian population of Athenry is exerting, in addition to the problems with the country's authorities. Problems that have led the company to have to postpone the start of the works in countless occasions and now it will be time to wait until October, specifically the 12 that is when the ruling of the supreme court will take place of the country in relation to the case.

And in the end it has had to intervene the highest authority of the country to be able to uncork a project that has been in conflict for too long. Some of the citizens are in favor of the construction of this Apple data center and others are not, something that is usual in many places but that with the decision of the town hall itself is finally solved. In this case it does not seem possible and it is that the ecological problems that this center would entail according to many of the citizens of Athendry, added to the proximity of a nuclear power plant, make everything stay stopped.

Now it remains to be seen if in the end this project can be carried out once the court deliberates on October 12, if so, the boys of Cupertino could start some works that have been waiting a long time in a country that has been the headquarters of Apple in Europe for a long time.

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