The best iPhone games of 2019 you should try

There are thousands and thousands of games available in the App Store, so it is a real headache to find one that suits your tastes. But don't worry, from iPadzate we are here to help you and we wanted to explore the Apple app store to recommend you the best games of 2019.

It should be noted that in this list not all games have been released this year 2019, but currently they are the best thing you can find on iOS. We have tried to gather games of all kinds: arcade, action, multiplayer, RPG, FPS, strategy …

That said, and without further delay, we begin with the collection of the best iPhone games of 2019. You will not find more cool games than these in the App Store!

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The best 2019 games from the iOS App Store

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a very relaxing and entertaining game that is ideal to spend a little free time you have. Your goal is to jump between mountains, collect coins and perform stunts in the air while skateboarding through beautiful landscapes.

As we indicated in our review of Alto’s Odyssey, developers have implemented many new features in this sequel to Alto’s Adventure. There are new characters, different biomes, a photo mode, hot air balloons and much more. The graphics, minimalist cut, are an authentic work of art. Highly recommended, despite its high price!


We continue with another of the most relaxing games in the App Store. One of these games where you won't have to worry about whether an enemy wants to shoot you in the head with a gun or if your base is going to explode immediately.

In Godus, all you have to do is enjoy. Relax and enjoy. You will have the opportunity to become a God to ask your followers to perform tasks such as building houses, monuments, collecting grain on their farms and endless possibilities. In addition, you can also cause rain, shape land, drop asteroids and a long etc. Very complete.

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile, for everyone who is not yet familiar, is a real-life simulation game in which you can create your own characters and make them interact with each other. Or rather "interact", let's not forget that it is a virtual world …

In this edition EA added new features that will allow players to enter an online multiplayer mode to talk with more players, as well as added all kinds of furniture, professions and entertainment.

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Tales From The Borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands is a crazy, fun, irreverent game, totally different from everything you've seen. It is an interactive story in which you will have the opportunity to change the course of the story thanks to a decision-making system.

But the best thing about this game, without a doubt, is the funny absurd humor of the personality of each of the characters, the inside-jokes, meaningless deaths and, why not, the plot of the story. If you have not played it, it is already taking time to download it. And if you've already played it, this … Enhancence?


What kind of people will we be if we don't include Fortnite among the best games of 2019? We are talking about the most popular game of the moment. A game that has made its dances to be seen all over the world, even by celebrities!

But what can we say that hasn't already been said about Fornite? Simpatiqusimos graphics, a simple but addictive gameplay, weapons to give and give, and all kinds of equipment that have made this Battle Royale one of the best shooter games in the history of mankind.


And we finished the collection of games with a MOBA, a very entertaining title in which you can compete online against rivals from all over the continent. Two teams will face more than 48 heroes with their own abilities and all kinds of monsters and creatures. An authentic past the truth.