The cheapest iPhone will mount the LG G7 ThinQ screen

All the rumors point directly that we will see several iPhone models this September, three different models have been talked about for a long time and one of them could mount an LCD screen, which would undoubtedly lower the final price of the iPhone and therefore we all hurry to say that it will be the “cheap” model Although not much is known about the possible price.

In any case this data is important and more when several sources indicate that this cheaper iPhone model will mount a screen like the current LG G7 ThinQ. This is an improved LCD screen, and that is that it uses MLCD + technology that adds improvements over the usual IPS panels.

The technology MLCD + is better than the Traditional LCD

No doubt this technology that will be seen in the presentation of the new LG is much better than a traditional LCD panel, but does not reach the quality or price of the current OLED like the one that mounts the iPhone X, for example. In any case, the important thing is that the specialized media Business Korea Let us glimpse that it will be this screen that will mount the most affordable model of the next iPhone.

This type of panels add a white subpixel, in addition to the green, red and blue, so they do according to the most knowledgeable in screens that the brightness increases considerably and with the advantage that the consumption is much lower than in IPS screens. The quality of the screen is everything on a smartphone and on the iPhone although it is true that they have never stood out on this issue, we can not say that they are left behind, the new iPhone X and its screen is really good, but there are screens like those of the Samsung that show some more color saturation and this in sight may seem better.

In any case the theme of the screens is very personal and each user is a worldIn my case, the iPhone screens have always liked me, they look good in the sun, they don't reflect much and they have the “normal” colors but this theme is delicate and everyone can see other types of screens better. We'll see if in the end this more affordable iPhone mounts this type of MLCD + screen …

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