The FBI paid at least $ 1M to unlock the iPhone

We continued many days later weathering the news about the case between the FBI and Apple due to the iPhone 5c involved in the attacks of San Bernardino (for being owned by one of the terrorists), which the Government of the United States of America intended for Apple to unlock to inspect. Finally, the case remained in borage water because a third party involved helped the FBI unlock this iPhone, in which they finally found absolutely nothing relevant. Doubt now hangs over how much it cost the FBI to unlock the blessed iPhone, and according to the latest leaks it could be around a million dollars.

According Reuters, the medium that has been able to access this information, the FBI paid around 1.3 million dollars to gain access to the specified device, complying with what James Comey, the Director of the FBI, dropped. A large amount, especially if we consider two things, the first that comes out of the pockets of all Americans who faithfully pay their taxes, the second, which as Tim Cook already predicted, there was no information at all relevant to the case within the device. However, for certain agencies in the United States of America, there are no limits as long as the excuse is national security.

Shortly after we learned that the iPhone 5c device was running iOS 9, and also that the tool used only works on devices from the iPhone 5c backwards, that is, it will not work for example on the iPhone 5s or the following. Further, recently the FBI has shared with Apple which is the tool that they have used to unlock the device, which will probably help Apple to improve the security of its devices once again, something curious when the FBI was asking for months for Apple to include backdoors in its operating system.

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