the function that allows us to print from our iPhone or iPad

We cannot deny that one of the great assets of today's devices is the large amount of information that we can store. All these data can be processed, shared although depending on each operating system there will be some functions more developed than others. In the case of Apple devices, with iOS, there is the function Airprint, a tool that the big apple included 10 years ago in iOS 4 that allowed users to print documents from their terminals by connecting with their printers.

In this article we are going to teach you How to print documents from your iDevice making use of technology Airprint, and in the case of not having a compatible printer, how to do it without any inconvenience.

AirPrint: a technology passed by unnoticed

AirPrint is an Apple technology with which you can create high quality printed documents without downloading or installing drivers.

When Apple launched Airprint I intended that the wires disappear, that we do not depend on wired hardware. That thesis defends today with the launch of the iPhone 7, which leaves aside the 3.5mm jack connector replacing it with headphones with Lightning.

AirPrint allows us to print documents from our iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Mac (but the computer will leave you aside, because it has another operation). The advantage of this technology is that you don't need the installation of any driver in the terminal But the drawback is that our printer must be compatible with the function and be connected to the same Wi-Fi as the iOS device. In this link we leave all the printers compatible with AirPrint. If it is compatible, read on; if not, go to the last section of this article where we tell you How to print without AirPrint.

Printing from our iOS device

Although the AirPrint function has ceased to have this nomenclature in iOS 10, it is an evolution of this technology. In iOS 10 the tool is called To print.

Once we have ensured that our printer is compatible with AirPrint, we will have to connect the device to the same Wi-Fi network to which the printer is associated. Once this step is completed, we will have to locate the document, photograph or web page that we want to print.

If we press the “Share” button, at the bottom, if we move the bar to the right (we move our finger from right to left), we find an icon of a printer. If we press a box appears with information that we can customize.

We will have to select our printer by pressing "select", We wait for the iPhone or iPad to detect the printer and select it. When associated, Each printer can have a series of settings: black and white, grayscale … those printing options are independent of iOS, each will have options. We choose the number of copies and press "To print". Ready!

Using this function we can print almost anything: a PDF, an image, a web page, an invoice … as long as the tool To print is among those available when accessing the Share menu of our iDevice.

I don't have a compatible printer, what do I do?

Even if you don't have an AirPrint-compatible printer or it doesn't work for some reason, quiet. First, you will have to check if your printer can create access points, that is, create a kind of Wi-Fi network to which we will connect to transfer the files so you can print them.

The simplest thing to check is to see if somewhere in your printer you find any button associated with a light next to the icon that you have right here below:

If you don't have it, probably you can't print with your printer, although today few printers do not have this function. Instead, if you have it Each company may or may not allow the printing of documents. The easiest is to go to the App Store and see if your printer provider (HP, Canon …) has an application to print. These are the most common apps and probably serve you. Each manufacturer has its application compatible with all its printers:

Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY

Canon Inc.two


Lexmark Mobile Print

Lexmark International, Inc.


Many of these applications have a different operation, so we cannot extend explaining the operation of each one. But, as a general rule, the printer will create a Wi-Fi hotspot to which we will have to connect by transferring the documents we want to print over the connection.

If my printer does not support printing by access point …

Then, there is only one possibility: Your printer can print via Bluetooth connection. To check if your printer is compatible with this function, consult the manufacturer or the machine's user manual.

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