The HomePod arrive by dropper in December, the availability of the AirPods will be repeated

In the last keynote we could see a large number of novelties, news that has been usual, several months ahead of their arrival on the market, probably due to Apple's fear that leaks may disrupt surprise to which the Cupertino boys were accustomed to us when they announced the “One more thing”.

We have a clear example in the AirPods. When most blogs echoed the patents of a similar badge that had been registered, Apple introduced us to these headphones without wires. Something similar happened with HomePod, although the number of leaks, images and so on had increased dangerously for Apple, hence would be forced to present them officially but do not put them on sale until the month of December and only in three countries: United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Inventec Appliances has informed Apple that the HomePod units for this year will be very fair, and they will continue to be until Foxconn also starts collaborating in the production of this smart speaker or whatever it really is, because Apple did not make it very clear that we can and cannot do with the HomePod, it just limited itself to showing the design claiming that it is a speaker and … to silence all the rumors that had begun to threaten Apple with ruining the surprise.

As expected, analysts have already begun to offer the number of units that Apple could put into circulation of this model, units that are close to 500,000, figures that according to Inventec are too far from reality. If from now on, every new device that Apple launches is going to have such a reduced availability and such long wait times, the guys from. Cupertino will have to stop presenting them until they solve the production problems to which they have accustomed us in recent years.

Recall that most rumors point to Apple it will also offer very reduced availability of the iPhone 8, X or whatever it is called finally, due, as always, to the manufacturing problems it is having for the new screen almost without frames, neither superior nor inferior.

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