The HomePod can access your Calendar from iOS 11.4

The HomePod is one of Apple's most controversial releases. Its undeniable audio quality is not matched by its "smart" capabilities, which are far behind what Siri can do on other devices. And one of the most surprising shortcomings has been to access your calendar appointments.

It seems that iOS 11.4 could end, at least, with this inconceivable lack and HomePod could finally access our calendar appointments, something really useful to know what appointment we have next with just asking while we do some other task.

These 9to5Mac screenshots show the HomePod configuration screen with iOS 11.3 (left) and iOS 11.4 (right). This screen asks for permission to access Messages, Reminders and Notes, and the one on the right also includes Calendar. This shows the possible intention of including access to this data in order to access them and add appointments by voice instructions.

It would not be the first time that Apple adds a new function of a Beta and then make it disappear in the final version. We have the perfect example in AirPlay 2 or in Messages in iCloud, two functions that appeared in the Betas of iOS 11.3 but that they retired in the final version to appear again in the Betas of iOS 11.4. Hopefully it is one of the first novelties that are gradually improving the intelligent functions of this new Apple speaker.

Now what Amazon Alexa could arrive in Spain shortly (there is no official date or confirmation) Apple should put the batteries, and should start by making the HomePod available in Spanish. The other great rival of HomePod in the market of smart speakers, Google Home, has not moved token yet on when it will arrive in our country.

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