The induction load of the iPhone 8 is limited to 7.5 w

Since the first terminals that allowed us to charge the device by induction, badly called wireless charging, began to reach the market, many users have wondered over and over again why Apple has not just implemented this technology in its devices, when virtually all high-end Android models offer it in addition to the Apple Watch, a device that was introduced 3 years ago. In theory, and according to most rumors, the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone of the company to offer this technology, but according to the Japanese web Macotakara the load will be limited to 7.5 w, half of the current Qi standard.

Presumably, Apple will limit the power of its induction load for some specific reason that we should see in the keynote in which the iPhone 8 is presented. But Apple may also not adopt it because it does not feel like it, it would not be the First time it does and probably won't be the last. A clear example is found in the 4th generation Apple TV, a device that uses HDMI version 1.4 that is perfectly compatible with 4k content, but as we all know, He is not able to reproduce it.

Leaving aside the Solomonic decisions that Apple usually makes, in the same publication we can also see how the charger used should be MFI, so We will not be able to use any charger to recharge our iPhone. When it seemed that we could charge our iPhone anywhere with a charger of this type, Apple again comes to annoy it with its blissful MFI certifications that all they do is increase the price of this type of device.

With the increase in screen size of the next iPhone, The battery capacity will also have to be increased. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, if we take the iPhone 7 as a reference, by size, with a capacity of 1960 mAh, the new iPhone 8 could integrate a battery of about 2,700 mAh. For now we will have to wait until the day of the presentation, which several rumors claim will be next September 12, to get out of doubt and finally be able to confirm or deny the large number of rumors and leaks related to the next iPhone 8.

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