The iPhone 7 can offer a fast charging system

For now and if we echo the rumors that are surrounding the next iPhone model, number 7, everything seems to indicate that the main novelty we will see will be the removal of the headphone jack, which would mean a thinning of the device and a camera Dual that would only be available on the 5.5-inch Plus model. Regarding the design, will continue to be continuous offering the same exterior design as the iPhone 6s. In order to enjoy a design change we will have to wait for the launch of the iPhone 8, a design that according to the latest rumors that we have published would have a glass back, which aesthetically will be very beautiful but, other than Gorilla Glass 5, it will be one of The main problems that users will face when we fall to the ground.

New rumors related to the iPhone, point to The next iPhone 7 could finally integrate a fast charging system. Like most rumors from unknown sources, this comes from the user @The_Malignant, which suggests that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could have a fast charging system of at least 5V2A. Currently the charger that Apple sends with each new device that sells is 1A and 5W but it is no secret, although not recommended, that many people use the iPad charging that offers 2.1A and 12W to be able to charge it in less time.

If this rumor is true, this would mean that Apple could introduce a fast charging system, changing Only the device charger and changing one of the internal components of the iPhone. This information must be taken as usual with tweezers, since the source does not offer any source of that information. In addition, for now, this is the only rumor that points in this direction, so it is unlikely that finally a fast charging system similar to Samsung can arrive with the new iPhone models that Apple will present next month.

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