The iPhone 8 beat the iPhone 6 sales record

The expectations regarding the iPhone 8 are very high. The tenth anniversary iPhone (next year will be ten years since the launch of the first iPhone) will be very difficult not to disappoint with everything that is being talked about. And that we have not even started the year 2017. As if that were not enough, now the information ensures that the iPhone 8 will break the sales record that is in the hands of the iPhone 6, with about 150 million units sold next year, which is not bad considering that it is expected to go on sale in September. Some features such as wireless charging will be the stars, and contrary to what was said at the beginning, it seems that it will be present in all models, not only at the top of the range.

It is said that there will be three models for 2017, of which two will be the equivalent of the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with the same screen size and the same dimensions but with new materials, such as a glass back and a metal chassis . The other model will be completely new, with AMOLED screen and curve, and rumors say it could lack frames, as it seems that now imposes fashion. This iPhone 8 AMOLED would be the most expensive model, and would have some exclusive features, but wireless charging will not be one of them, because all three models will have it. What we do not know is whether the wireless charger will be included in the box or not, or if it will be included in all models. Apple may opt for the conventional charging cable for the "cheaper" devices and reserve the charger for the iPhone "Top."

There is much talk about the screen size of the iPhone 8 AMOLED. Leaving the frames would allow you to increase the screen size to 5.8 inches, but the curved edges may have a smaller touch surface, not exceeding 5.2 inches. Be that as it may, it will be very difficult to reach 150 million units, considering that the iPhone 6 sold 120 million in that period and considering that there are no longer so many new markets to expand.

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