The iPhone 8 design will be inspired by the original iPhone

As the weeks go by, each time we echo more rumors, rumors related to the next iPhone model, called by some iPhone 8, an iPhone 8 that will be a revolution in the industry, at least so expect the most passionate analysts. This new iPhone would not be the only model that Apple would present next September, but it would go hand in hand with the usual renewal of the devices that arrived on the market last September, so we would also see an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus.

When the original iPhone was introduced, we were many users who praised the spectacular design, a design that over the years and with the arrival of new generations of iPhone, has been losing quite attractive. But according to some industry-related analysts, interviewed by ETNews, The Cupertino-based company will be inspired by the original iPhone to create the iPhone 8 design, with which Apple wants to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its arrival on the market.

The original iPhone showed us a small curvature on the sides, which made it really comfortable to the touch, something that was lost since the launch of the iPhone 4, According to these analysts, Apple would use a three-dimensional glass material on the back of the iPhone 8, to try to achieve a more than reasonable resemblance to the original iPhone. Obviously it would be much thinner than the original and larger, since according to the latest rumors, the screen size could reach 5.8 inches.

The latest rumors related to the iPhone 8 suggest that Apple would not choose to use the same curvature that Samsung implemented in the Edge range, being most of the front screen, with hardly any side edges. At the moment everything is still speculation and we will not leave doubts until the end of August or the beginning of September, when data or real images of how the long-awaited iPhone tenth anniversary will begin to leak.

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