The iPhone (RED) and the new iPad now available in the Apple Store online

We already have the Apple Store open again after its closure this morning preparing the new products that Apple already announced that they would be available today from 16:01. Punctual as (almost) always, The company has already made available for reservation the new iPhone 7 RED, the new iPad and the rest of the news that it added without prior announcement this week to its product catalog. Reservations are already active and you can order your new iPhone in an unpublished color until now, or change your old iPad for only € 399 and getting a model with a processor that will last for years.

He was the big star last Tuesday morning. Although its possible launch had already been rumored, as also happened with a possible dark blue color before, there were not many who were confident that the red iPhone would come true. With that anodized red color and within the campaign (RED) to help in the research against AIDS, the new iPhone arrives with the same price as the previous models, and a white front finish, something that many do not quite like. If you want to get the most exclusive iPhone so far, this is your chance to do it.

The new iPad abandons all kinds of addition to its name to keep only that, "iPad", and falls to the attractive price of € 399. A product specially designed for those who have an old model and decide to make the leap to a new one, with A9 processor (the same as the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE). It is no longer necessary to buy a model launched two or three years ago in order to save you a few euros or have to go to Pro models with much higher prices. Apple has raised what will be its strategy with its tablet: an input model that will be updated, leaving the “old” iPad at a more affordable price as input devices.

Apart from these “star” products Apple also releases accessories such as new straps for Apple Watch, the possibility of buying the original Nike + strap, new covers for your iPhone with colors that match the new sports straps… A good number of news that Apple has already introduced in its store and that can be purchased at the moment only in the online Apple Store. Coming soon in their physical stores.

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