The iPhone with curved OLED screen will be a reality in 2018

First of all I would like to say what many of you will be thinking, that as soon as I heard this news I thought something like “Go! This sounds to me… ” And, according to an investigation, Apple will launch a iPhone with OLED screen and curves in 2018. As you know, the first to launch this type of screens, or the most media in any case, has been Samsung with its famous “Edge”, curved ends that first came in its Note range.

Lee Choong-hoon, president and chief of UBI Research, says that 30% of iPhones that are sent (which is not the same as sales) in 2018 will use OLED screen, so it is talking about 100 million units. If I remember correctly, Apple's iPhone record sold in a quarter was in a Christmas quarter, a period in which they sold approximately 70 million units so, if my calculations do not fail me, Lee would speak of a new record of sales that would take place in about two and a half years.

Will the iPhone 8 have an OLED screen?

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung and Apple signed an agreement that South Koreans would supply 5.5-inch OLED panels to Cupertino from 2017. According to the CEO of UBI Research, the only company that meets Apple's requirements at the moment is Samsung, while LG and other manufacturers are approaching and are likely to receive orders when the time comes. Lee believes that Samsung will take care of 60% of the orders, LG will keep 20% and Japan Display and Foxconn will distribute the remaining 20%.

It seems clear that Apple will end up using OLED screens in 2 years at the most. The only thing left to know is the design of the new devices, although all agree that the screen of the new iPhone will have a curvature. Of course, we all hope that they include it with enough originality so as not to stay only at the lateral ends.

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