The iPhone "X" to be presented in September be complicated to get

The truth is that this is something recurring in Apple releases and more in those of new iPhone or new devices as was the Apple Watch or the most recent launch of the AirPods. In this case, what is clear according to the rumors is that we will be able to enjoy at least three new iPhone models and one of them will be a model totally different from the rest, some call it iPhone 8, others call it iPhone Pro and some iPhone X, but ultimately what is clear is that it will be the model that accompanies the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. But in addition to having the lack of initial stock on these new iPhone due to the high demand they may have, this unique model is called iPhone X, it would be the worst stop of the three in this regard.

Logically this can be normal although Apple will strive to have the largest number of units available on the day that this device begins to be marketed, but analysts warn that it will be difficult to supply the demand. No doubt this iPhone X is giving a lot to talk about in the media, but really apart from the rumors and others that warn you could add Wireless charging, 5.8 ″ OLED display, the integrated Touch ID below the screen, improved water resistance or glass design, there is no concrete data of anything and everything is rumor.

It is evident that if this new iPhone ends up coming to the market and Apple presents it on the same day as the keynote of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, being a more exclusive model it will be more complicated to get one of them, but this will also depend on many factors and the most differential would be its price. If Apple manages to launch a device with all these improvements that are rumored and a price "affordable" for most users, it is possible that the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus lose interest for users and that is just what could mark a fault of device stock much higher than normal.

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