The new Apple Store in Vienna, about to finish the works

Apple's international expansion through its own stores, known as the Apple Store, has no view of stopping, at least in the short term. On December 30, Apple will open the Apple Store number 500 in South Korea, very close to Samsung headquarters in Korea.

But it is not the only Apple Store that will open its doors soon, as as we have previously informed you, Apple is focusing its efforts on the Apple Store located in Austria, specifically in Vienna, in one of the busiest areas of the entire city. According to the latest news that comes to us, The works are about to end.

The first news about this new Apple Store in Austria was published in August last year, although long before, the works had already begun and unlike other works, it seems that the Cupertino boys they have hurried to finish the works, as we can see in the image that heads this article, where all the panels that usually cover the reforms of all Apple Stores have already been removed. The size of the fence that has surrounded the facilities during the rehabilitation works has also been reduced.

This new Apple Store is located in Kärntnerstrasse, one of the busiest commercial areas of the city and is surrounded by a large number of stores. Before the remodeling of these facilities, the citizens of Vienna could find in a clothing store of the Esprit firm. This new store for Apple, will be the first to open in Austria, a country that has not yet had its own Apple Store, as well as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Norway to name a few examples, for Then we complain about the few we have in Spain and Mexico.

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