The New York police leave aside their old Nokia to switch to the iPhone

It seems strange but it is totally true that the New York police (NYPD) has assigned to each of its agents an old model of Nokia to make calls, etc.. In this case it is Nokia devices with Windows Phone, which is certainly worse …

I do not mean that Nokia is a bad brand, simply that this operating system with which they work is completely extinguished and now Nokia itself in the hands of HMD Global, adds Android as the OS of its devices. In any case, what we have to announce is that according to the New York Post, the 36,000 units of Nokia with Windows Phone that the agents carry will be replaced by iPhone.

According to the report, this change of devices will take place later this year, which means that agents could receive the new iPhone 7s models or current units such as the iPhone 7. In any case the jump is made after the Windows Phone stopped updating long ago. The models they are currently using are the Lumia 830 and Lumia 640 XL, these will be replaced by something infinitely better, whatever model they give to the agents.

If anyone wonders who was in charge of this "crap" in the NYPD you have to look directly at the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, this was in charge of promoting these Nokia for the police force highlighting the “great leap into the 21st century” of Nokia. The news of the New York Post also adds that another reason why the police use these Nokia smartphones, was that the operating system of their computers is Windows, and this is used to regulate cameras and other security details in the city, but obviously we all know that it is not incompatible with the iPhone so we can congratulate them as they will make a very good change.

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