The old states return to WhatsApp

It seems that WhatsApp Status has not had the acceptance that the messaging service thought. I think they would be the only ones who would think that the millions of WhatsApp users had nothing better to do than to elaborate our State every day by showing a video, animation or sequence of photographs. Following user complaints, it seems that Facebook has reconsidered and the old WhatsApp States will return to the application. In fact in the Beta versions for iOS and for Android they are already available and working, as you can see in the header image.

Surely WhatsApp did not think about my user profile when he created WhatsApp Status, a shameless copy of Instagram Stories which in turn is a copy of Snapchat. If being able to create an animation can be fun and even attract many users to decorate their state, it only lasts 24 hours is absurd, since it forces you to be aware of this aspect of WhatsApp on a daily basis, and I do not think it enters into the plans of most people. There will be people who use it, surely, but I don't think it's such a high percentage that the old function will be eliminated.

In fact, if any of us review the new States tab, I don't think the list of users that have an active State is huge. I have more than 200 WhatsApp contacts and only 3 or 4 appear in that tab, and always with some static photo, no videos or animations. PFor that reason, it is good news for people who pass this option to be able to continue using the old way of filling your status, with a text, with emoticons or whatever we want. It seems that there is little left to do it again.

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