The OLED screen be exclusive to the 5.5-inch iPhone

According to all the rumors, the iPhone that will arrive in 2017 will be a blow on the mobile phone table. At this time you can not know much about the iPhone 8 or whatever they call the terminal, but the vast majority of rumors say that there will be at least one model with OLED screen. The bad thing is that there are few rumors that also ensure that this screen will only be present on the 5.5-inch iPhone.

Today, Ming-Chi Kuo, the most popular analyst in the world Apple, has again published a report in which he says yes, that an iPhone that will be presented in 2017 will have the aforementioned OLED screen, but the bad thing is that the famous Taiwanese analyst says that next year there will be three iPhone models and only a special Plus model This technology will have a screen on your screen. The other two models, among which there will be another 5.5-inch Plus, will arrive with the TFT-LCD screens that we have had until the current models.

There will only be a special iPhone 8 with OLED screen

What seems more worrying is that the KGI analyst says that it would be only that special model that would have a brand new industrial design, which makes us think that Apple is thinking of launching a special model for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and we already know that the "special" also has a special price, which usually means more expensive.

The special model that Kuo talks about could also come with a slightly larger screen of 5.8 inches. The new design would allow the iPhone 8 Plus with OLED screen to have a larger screen in the same size as the TFT-LCD screen, something that would be possible thanks to the elastic capacity of OLED screens. Explained this, this special model is expected to have a all glass housing, something similar to the iPhone 4.

What is no longer surprising is that the dual camera, already present in the iPhone 7 Plus, will remain exclusive to 5.5-inch models. The 4.7-inch model would run out of the advanced camera and without the OLED screen that would offer darker blacks and greater autonomy if black is the dominant color in the user interface.

If we want to continue without losing hope of having to pay much more if we want the best iPhone next year, we can remember that in late 2015 / early 2016 it was believed that the iPhone 7 would arrive in three versions (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro), something Apple valued, but the Pro model was discarded because it could confuse users. The bad thing is that the tenth anniversary of the iPhone can be a good time to launch a third model and we are likely to see a special model to celebrate in about 10 months.

As always, only waiting will we know if Ming-Chi Kuo is right this time or not. If it does and three iPhone models are released in 2017, will you buy the model with OLED display?

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