The renewal of the iPhone SE will not arrive until early 2018

The iPhone SE arrived on the market in March 2016, with the same hardware and graphics chip as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but with some differences such as the non-implementation of 3D Touch technology. Since then, the Cupertino-based company has renewed the device once, but only as regards storage capacities (32 and 128 GB), leaving the processor, memory and graphics as in its launch. This year we have published some rumors that point to the possible launch of a second generation of the iPhone SE, rumors that now point to a delay of it until the beginning of next year.

According to Focus Taiwan, Wistron, the manufacturer of this device is about to expand its production to its factory in India, to begin manufacturing the next generation of the iPhone SE. This company will be the one with the highest number of orders for the new iPhone SE, a device that will not start shipping until the first quarter of next year. Since May of this year, Wistron has begun to manufacture the iPhone SE in its facilities in India being the main destination of this new terminal, a terminal that could see its price reduced even more if possible to capture a greater number of users in the country.

A few weeks ago we echoed some rumors that they pointed to the possible launch of the second generation iPhone SE throughout the month of August, rumors that have never been confirmed but that with this information fade completely, so if you were interested in renewing your iPhone for this 4-inch model, you will have to wait for the new model or trust Apple to lower the Price of this model if you keep it on the market when your replacement arrives.

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