The services that Apple presents and never exploits in Spain

Today we are here to look back, literally. We are going to make a small review for that type of services that Apple presents as a novelty and functionality, but for some reason that we do not know, they never explode in Spain. The passivity of the Cupertino boys in this regard is amazing on some occasions,How many services, software and applications has Apple presented and in Spain we do not enjoy? Unfortunately they are enough and today we want to review, trying to understand the reason for this ugly Apple to its Spanish audience.

While it is true that the market share of the apple in Spain is negligible, a territory clearly dominated by Android devices. It is no excuse for the marginal situation of Spain in this regard.


For those who don't know him (and it's normal if you haven't followed us for a long time), News is the platform that Apple put in the hands of all publishers to bring the news directly to your iOS device without the need for you to go to third-party applications or social networks. Thanks to News you will have collected all the news of your interest in one place, world-class publishers and newsletters also publish their activity here. So you can get an idea, the closest thing would be Flipboard, saving the clear distances.

Well here we have the first of the services that Apple is determined to present and that never arrives in Spain. According to the latest information, News already has more than 70 million unique users and has signed important advertising agreements. The question is: Why can't we read anything in Spain? We do not know the reason for which Apple has let News die in our territory, however, it has been little more than a year since the application is present in both the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Apple Pay

The mobile payment service that was intended to be proclaimed as the most secure and expanded worldwide. Apple Pay is already present in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, China, United States of America, Australia … And also in Spain, we have to be honest and remember that it is possible for a few lucky people to use Apple Pay in Spain since December from last year 2016, just over two years after the service was presented and was proclaimed as a success wherever its use was allowed.

Different is the case in Spain, here only three platforms can enjoy their capabilities: Santander Bank, Carrefour Pass and Restaurant Ticket. Of which, only one can be considered a financial entity from head to toe. Very large banks in Spain such as BBVA or Caixa Bank have been left out of this agreement that is generating quite controversial. Meanwhile, Apple Pay in Spain is little more than a dream for the hundreds of thousands of users that we look forward to making our first contactless payments through the iPhone and stop once and for all credit cards at home.

iPhone Upgrade Program

How difficult it is to fight with a company to get an iPhone last model, almost as difficult as going to one of the few Apple Stores available in Spain and disburse a very large amount of money for it. However, Apple has what is known as iPhone Upgrade Program, a system that has been present since the arrival of the iPhone 6s and that allows us to release a new iPhone annually by paying a fixed monthly price It ranges between 20 and 30 euros. However, Apple decides to ignore this tempting possibility in Spain.

A way of always being the last one that would undoubtedly exploit a lot in Spain, a country that tends to take advantage of the financing of the operators to get the last mobile in question, with the difference that in the iPhone Upgrade Program you would release device annually.

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