The "Stories" also come to Facebook from today

If Facebook was until now one of the big culprits of the loss of battery in our mobile devices with iOS operating system due to its bad optimization now we can also say goodbye to our mobile data rate, and that is that Facebook has just added a function inherited from its other application, the "Stories" of Instagram. As if that were not enough, now we will have to enjoy them twice in both social networks. They are still quite ephemeral, only 24 hours, but They have a special addition, and the camera provided by Facebook from their application will allow us to add filters Instantly while we take the capture.

We do not know what leads Mark Zuckerberg to think that the duplication of functions in his own applications ends up convincing users, but the reality is that as happened with the live broadcast, we now have the “Stories” available on both Instagram and Facebook. And be careful, because sAs we have been able to know, the arrival of such stories and states is quite close to the most popular messaging applicationIn fact, we talk about WhatsApp, which will also include these types of states in an ephemeral way, in which we can tell what we are living with just a few touches.

The operation is as light and simple as in Instagram stories, although they wanted to differentiate the matter a bit thanks to the type of filters we can find, an intense resemblance to Snapchat in this area, since we will also have several filters that will allow us to add funny masks to the faces of the people we are recording through Facebook Stories. So it's time to get performance out of this new functionality, and take advantage as you are to say goodbye to your data rate. Let's take a look in the settings section, because if these stories are downloaded in the background they can be a total drain.

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