The taxi of the future is part of the present (and IV): Uber

Valued at more than 60,000 million euros, no one has the slightest glimpse of doubt about who rules in the world of mobility 2.0. Uber is a step above the others thanks to an aggressive expansion policy, the loyalty of its users and the user experience it has been offering since its launch. It is time to analyze the king.

Uber rules here

After a recent change of look to the app, now Uber is simpler and faster to use than ever. Requesting a trip is a matter of a few seconds, since they have invested a lot of time in making the process as quick and logical as possible so as not to waste more time than is inevitable.

Of course, all the advantages that have always characterized Uber as the division into profiles into three types (personal, family and business), the possibility of sharing rates with our friends on the same trips or the variety of services that include options as varied as electric cars, large vehicles, luxury sedans, food delivery service or even the possibility of sending and receiving parcels.

In addition to all this, it cannot be ignored that being the undisputed leader of the segment, it is also the company that has more cars and therefore the one that will make us least wait to take a trip in most cases. Mind you, watch out for the famous surge pricing If we are going to use the service at peak times or at events.

Uber in Spain

Uber's situation in Spain could now be said to be moderately good and optimistic. After a promising start, from the world of Taxi all the meat was put on the grill to try block Uber by all possible legal means, finally getting the company to stop operating.

After a time of absence, Uber returned in Madrid just over a year ago with the model used by Cabify, that is, drivers with a VTC license, which is perfectly legal. On some occasions a greater number of cars are missing, but the license limits the possibilities quite a lot and that obviously had to be noticed. Even so, as a general rule, waiting for a car is short and reasonable.

The plans of the company led by Travis Kalanick go through landing in more cities of Spain, being the next two great candidates Valencia and Barcelona.

Uber testing

If you have never used Uber and it is available in your current city, you can download the app and get a gift trip (varies in quantity according to the time). Alternatively you can register without a free credit if you wish in this link.

Our assessment

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