The TSMC company will be waiting for great benefits with the next Apple A12 processor

We are practically one month away from WWDC, the key date on which we will see Apple software news, but what we all want to see are the next Apple devices… The boys of Cupertino are making what will be the best iPhone in history, they always tell us the same thing, but what is clear is that the next devices we will see at the end of the year will be best-selling devices …

Obviously not only Apple wins with the sales of the iPhone and iPad, there are several manufacturers who are looking forward to the launch of new products for Apple to checkout and buy its components. TSMC, one of the leading manufacturers of components for mobile devices, has been manufacturing Apple processors for some time now, and it seems that for now it will continue to be so. Therefore, it has just been filtered that TSMC expects benefits never seen with the launch of the next Apple devices. After the jump we give you all the details …

Not only benefits, andl 2018 is a year of challenges for TSMC, the Apple A12, the next processor that mount the iPhones and iPads this year, will be the first 7nm processor that is manufactured, the most powerful and smallest processor ever mounted. The iPhone is retaking sales, and after the launch of a continuous iPhone, the iPhone 8, and a new one, the iPhone X, everything seems to indicate that sales will continue to grow progressively, because many have preferred not to buy any of these two devices waiting for the new this year. That is why the boys of TSMC expect their benefits to emerge this year Thanks to the new Apple devices.

We only have one thing left, wait, and surely the TSMC company is waiting much longer than we are. Less and less for September, and it is usually after WWDC (which we will have at the beginning of June) when they begin to filter all those novelties that the next iPhone can bring us. No doubt we will see great changes, the bionic Apple has arrived to stay and No wonder this year is the year of Apple's big changes. The iPhone X is a new iPhone, but I bet the Cupertino boys have prepared something really great for us this year.

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