The VLC video player is already compatible with the iPhone X and the iOS 11 HEVC format

The VLC guys have taken it easy when launching the corresponding update of their application to be compatible with the new format used by Apple in iOS 11, HEVC (H.265), a new format that allows us to record videos in the same quality as with the H.264 codec but occupying half of space.

The function to record videos with This format is only available from iPhone 7, so if you have an iPhone 6s or lower, you will have been able to check how the camera's options do not appear to change the recording format. When playing this type of content with other devices, we need a compatible player and VLC is one of the best we can find in the App Store, and it is also free.

The VLC application has just been updated, one month after the launch of the iPhone X to adapt the user interface to the new iPhone X screen format. But as expected, incidentally they have taken the opportunity to add support for videos recorded in 4k quality in HEVC format, so that we can play it on any device without having to convert it previously.

By the way, they have taken advantage of this update to solve some operating problems that were presenting the devices that are still in previous versions of iOS, such as iOS 7 and iOS 8, and have solved small bugs that had been detected since the launch of the last update, A few months ago.

As I mentioned above, VLC is the best free player that we can currently find in the App Store, but it is also the best player we can find for our PC or Mac, since It is compatible with any format that may occur to you, anyone.


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