The YouTube messenger service is already being deployed

Some time ago we were talking about a new way that YouTube wants to impose so that its users begin to give a more “social” meaning to the application. And it is no longer necessary to leave YouTube to share our favorite videos and comments with our friends, Google intends that all this be done from its own messaging service integrated into YouTube, and has begun to be deployed worldwide for iOS.

It is the typical function that is hidden in the code and that have not commented on the list of changes of the last update, but there it is. Let's take a quick look at the new YouTube messaging service So you know what is coming.

To start, the notifications tab in the lower right is the one that will disappear, now it will be replaced by “share” or "shared", We do not know exactly how this functionality will be translated into Spanish, but what we are clear about is that it will speed up the system a lot. The only problem we find is the fact that you have to use your YouTube account, more than anything because for many users it is an anonymous aspect or that has little to do with their real life.

Do we want to turn YouTube into a social network? This is basically what Google intends with this innovation, since now users will spend much more time in it, think that to comment on the live videos they will be in the application and will not leave it. This adds to the fact that YouTube is by far one of the worst developed applications for iOS, battery consumption is constant, and the data is already better and we don't talk… Will this Google initiative succeed or will it be the nth attempt at a failed social network? We will have to check it.

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