Things 3, a beautiful but incomplete task manager

It is the eternal debate in applications: beauty versus functionality. There are those who prefer aesthetically superior applications, while there are other people who give absolute priority to functional apps even if the design is not attractive. In my case I am of those who think that in the middle term is virtue (unless we can have it all), and the objective of this article will be to see if Things 3, which is absolutely precious, also offers the functionality we expect.


For those of us who have been in the Apple world for some years, Things It is not exactly a novelty. It has been with us for many years on both macOS and iOS, and Cultured Code has always been a perfect example when mentioning developers who have adapted to the new times.

With the version 3 many, many novelties arrive. The most visual and impressive of all (and the one they possibly use to justify it being a paid update) is the new design. New animations, new interactions, new icons, new layout and indeed, everything improves the above, no fault. They inform us from the developer that she has been in the oven for five years and, seeing the attention to detail, we believe it.

Yes but no

Among the most positive points of Things 3 I would like to highlight that the integration with the calendar services is magnificent, as well as the progress circles (which allow us to see in a great way what we have left to complete a project) and the new “+” button that does represent a remarkable advance in improving the times to add a task.

On the negative side, there are two things that are basic in a good GTD in my view and that Things 3 does not offer yet, although it is possible that they arrive via update. The first is the intelligent interpretation of the text, especially useful with dates and times; the second is the possibility of creating recurring tasks, something that practically everyone needs and that they have inexplicably not included in this third version.

With all this, we are talking about a very high level application, especially in terms of design and ease of use. Some details fail, and that makes many people perhaps think about the purchase, something normal having other alternatives of a lower price or even free in the App Store.

Our assessment

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Things 3

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