This case with integrated battery for iPhone X is also compatible with wireless charging

It is already possible to have a case with battery included for your iPhone X. And that, in addition can benefit from wireless charging. The responsible for this accessory is the Chytah online store. Also, this case can be found in different shades and its integrated battery is quite capacity.

Being able to have extra battery on our iPhone when we are out of our office or home is a luxury. For some years now it is possible to have an extra load in your pocket. This can be through two accessories: an external battery or through a protective case that allows us to charge the terminal while using it; that is to say, a case with integrated battery. And today we bring you a very interesting solution.

If we talk about protective cases with integrated battery, surely a name comes to mind quickly: Mophie. It is perhaps the most popular brand in this regard and that has covers with these features for more models on the market. However, it currently does not have a case like the protagonist that we show you today: there is no model capable of charging the iPhone and that in turn can be charged via wireless charging using Qi technology.

This case that can be achieved in several shades (blue, red, yellow, black and pink), has an integrated battery of 3,600 milliamps capacity; that is to say, hypothetically we would have a terminal with double battery. But, in addition, and as we said, you will not need a cable to charge it, If you already have a charging base compatible with Qi technology, you can continue using it with this case sold by Chytah.

As discussed in its specifications, we would have enough energy to charge the iPhone X on more than one occasion. That said, on the back of the case we will have some LEDs that will indicate at all times what is the state of the charge of this case. Finally, the price of this is 83.95 euros, although it is currently possible to get it for 63 euros.

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