This could be the iPhone X in rose gold

For a few days, Apple has restarted the update of the iPhone 8 range by adding the iPhone 8 (RED) to its catalog, like last year at this time of year, to try to encourage sales of this model, once it has been in the market for a while.

Unfortunately for users who were hoping that Apple will launch a Product (RED) version of this terminal, they are left wanting, since it does not appear that the Cupertino-based company intends to launch it. At least we have the comfort of seeing how it could have been through a concept we published yesterday.

On this occasion, it is designer Martin Hajek who shows us how could a pink gold edition of the next iPhone X be?. Martin Hajeke is a designer who gives a lot to the imagination and is continuously throwing renders before any new product that is rumored to launch Apple or as is this occasion, a new possible color of the next generation of the iPhone X.

These renders show us an iPhone X with the back of the device in rose gold, very similar to the other devices of the company that reached the market in this same color. The front of this model would be black, offering a much more stylized design than if it had used the color white as it happened last year with the iPhone 7 Product (RED) and it earned a large number of criticisms.

At present, The iPhone X is only available in two colors: black and white, colors that are only shown on the back of the device, since the front of both terminals is black. Hopefully next year, Apple can expand the number of colors in which the second generation of the iPhone X will be available.

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